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This will be your interactive application for Android and iOs!

You will be able to discover the world of fossils, get information on deposits, upload your own fossils for identification, and interact with other hobby paleontologists and professionals.

You will benefit from science and science will benefit from you!

So what is this about?

The application is developed on base of two already existing apps and combine the advantages of both Rockd and FossilFinder.

The application will allow you to upload fossils and their data (e.g., locality/GPS-data, measurements, preservation) and get identification by volunteering experts. Improvements will be continuously and in collaboration with the FAU’s Pattern Recognition Lab. This will allow to gradually move to automated identification of fossil specimens.

Amateurs will enjoy fossil identification – FossilDiscovery will have an implementation of a reward-based system of expertise.

The application will also allow the professional scientific community to use verified data to study (regional) biodiversity patterns – thus, FossilDiscovery will be true citizen science and will create a network of amateur and professional paleontologists.



yyyyyyThe developers of
Cristina Krause

Cristina Krause, FAU

Michael Burger, Softmatch

update September 2021: We are currently working on the design of the application. A student helper is designing icons that allow users to recognize a fossil group within a glimpse. Also, we are adding general information to the largest fossil groups so paleo-beginners get a brief overview of taxa and their features. Since rockd and PBDB are now merged in FossilFinder the users are able to identify in which deposit a fossil was found easily.