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Big Questions in Paleontology

What is your BIG Question in Paleontology?

We seek to identify the Big Questions in Paleontology that will motivate research in our field for the coming years.

Therefore, we have conducted three solicitations for big questions from the global paleontological community and more than 150 paleontologists are already participating. All interested paleontologists have been invited to participate to build a shared research vision.

In the near future there will be regular online meetings to discuss the big questions that have been submitted. These discusses will take place in 12 topic-specific working groups comprised of paleontological experts on those topics. In these working groups, participants will review the questions pertaining to the topic area and revise them to a smaller set of questions to represent the major research questions in the topic.

The project is being coordinated by our post-doc, Jansen Smith. If you would like to learn more about this project, you can visit the Big Questions website or contact Jansen.