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In a rapidly changing world, there is an urgent need to understand how communities respond to environmental perturbations of varying magnitudes and rates.

Project leaders are

Pincelli Hull

(Yale, USA)

Marina Costa Rillo

(Univ. Oldenburg)

Seth Finnegan

(UC Berkeley, USA)

fully funded by PaleoSynthesis.

The workshop PI’s proposed to integrate timeseries data from ecological and paleontological sources and are now doing so in collaboration with a working group of database and timeseries experts. These timeseries will be used to examine community turnover, spanning from the Modern to millions of years in the past, in response to climate changes, including the current climate crisis (i.e., global warming and biotic change).

The main goal of the project is to “identify those climate change scenarios (in terms of tempo and magnitude) where community turnover scales in step, catastrophically shifts (i.e., tipping points), or remains relatively stable (i.e., coordinated stasis).” This will help to evaluate and understand the relationship, in rates and magnitude.

Initial group members: Adam Kocsis, Adam Tomasovych, Amelia Penny, David Fastovich, Erin Saupe, Huai-Hsuan (May) Huang, Jansen A. Smith, John Renaudie, John W. Williams, Lee Hsiang Liow, Maria Azeredo de Dornelas, Mauro Sugawara, Miranda Margulis-Ohnuma, Moriaki Yasuhara, Stephen R. Meyers, Wolfgang Kiessling

The first on-site BioDeepTime Workshop took place from March 27 to March 30 2022!


from the left: Huang Huai Hsuan (May), Erin Saupe, Amelia Penny, Lee Hsiang Liow, Johan Renaudie, Adam Kocsis, Pincelli Hull, Manuel Steinbauer, Marina Costa Rillo, Jansen Smith, Mauro Sugawara, Adam Tomasovych; all other groups members were joining remotely; some of the talks were also attended by students from our institute.

Second on-site BioDeepTime Workshop took place from January 10 – 13 2023!

IMG_7996from the left: Adam Kocsis, Maoli Vizcaino, David Fastovich, Katherine Pippinger, Jansen Smith, Franka Gaiser, Seth Finnegan, Maria Azeredo de Dornelas, Wolfgang Kiessling, Johan Renaudie, Adam Tomasovych, Amelia Penny. Front: Elizabeth Dowding, Marina Costa Rilloall other groups members were joining remotely.

After two succesfull workshops in Erlangen the team proceed with their work. You may follow them on the BioDeepTime webpage


BioDeepTime: a database of biodiversity time series for modern and fossil assemblages” J. A. Smith, J. Gill, M. Rillo, Á. Kocsis, M. Dornelas, D. Fastovich, H.-H. M. Huang, L. Jonkers, S. Meyers, N. Lin, A. M. Penny, K. Pippenger, J. Renaudie, E. Saupe, M. Steinbauer, M. Sugawara,  A. Tomasovych, J. W. Williams, M. Yasuhara, S. Finnegan, P. Hull; Global Ecology and Biogeography. Open Access