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Category: News, Workshop

Congratulations to Nussaibah from the DDCP Speaker Series workshop. Her article on colonialism and today’s biodiversity was recently published in Nature ecology & evolution. “The effects of the redistribution of flora and fauna by European empires are still visible in global biodiver...

Category: News

Two exciting days lie ahead of us! Today, Thursday, and tomorrow, we will participate in the virtual workshop of the Volkswagen Foundation, present our project, and then have an intensive exchange with the other grantees. It will be exciting to see how the other projects dealt with the pandemic but....

Category: Big Questions, News

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kiessling: The project „Paleosynthesis: The German Seed for Global Collaboration“ in which he wants to discuss „the big questions“ in palaeontology. Could that be a great thing to have a good basis for public outreach activities? ! Big Questions are central to every scientific dis...

Category: News, Summer School

The three intense weeks of the summer school are nearly over. After a BBQ Wednesday night mixing up with the week 1 participants of the #FlügelCourse (Homepage; Facebook) the last two days of the AWP2022 are on niche modelling taught by Erin Saupe from Oxford.