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DDCP recordings

DDCP_IGOn this page we provide you with the recorded videos of our DDCP speaker series.

These recordings are available to the public. The DDCP and PaleoSynthesis teams wants to raise awareness about the disadvantages of certain groups (e.g., ethnic affiliation, socio-economical barriers, research background, gender), and encourage everybody to actively fight against such discrimination.


DDCP code of conduct_edited
Each of our presentations started with a brief introduction the the speaker series and with the presentation of the code of conduct !


eyes-cartoon-image-17To watch the videos click here or click on the video icons behind the title


Dr Michael Rivera – “We all deserve to study the human past: the current state of bioarchaeology and palaeoanthropology”


[IG] Rivera
Dr Martin Nuñez – “Making palaeontology more global: lessons from ecology”


[IG]Nunez opt2
Dr Devapriya Chattopadhyay – “Paleontological research in India: the colonial past shapes the present and dictates the future”


[IG] Devapriya
Dr Aline Ghilardi – “Scientific colonialism in palaeontology: Case studies from Brazil”


[IG] Ghilardi opt2
Dr Estelle Raveloaritiana – “Conducting ethical research in ecology that involves local communities – a perspective from a collaborative project in Madagascar”


[IG] Raveloaritiana opt2
Dr Luisa Fernanda Echeverría King – “Cooperation or competition? Towards meaningful scientific projects through horizontal collaborations”


[IG] King opt2
Dr Jansen Smith – “Preliminary observations on a global effort to identify research priorities in paleontology”


[IG] Smith
round table
The series was completed by an open round table discussion with the speakers of Diversity Dynamics and Crisis in Paleontology

List of recordings online on YouTube