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Workshop Call

PS iconApply for a PaleoSynthesis workshop

Duration should be 3-5 days (preferably in spring 2023).

Consecutive workshops are possible. If consecutive workshops are planned, this should be already indicated in the proposal.

A postdoc application for the open position in PaleoSynthesis (anticipated start date September 2022) may accompany the workshop proposal, if the PIs have a particular individual in mind to fill this role. Though not required, coordinated workshop and postdoc applications are encouraged. Please note, however, the postdoc also will be responsible for at least one further workshop (scientific coordination & publication(s)) upon the completion of the proposed workshop and this will be considered when reviewing applications.

Renewal applications from successful workshops are also possible.

Application phase is closed, applications are currently evaluated by professionals


Proposals should have a length of max. 5 pages and be submitted by two principal investigators. Please consider that we strongly encourage diversity (i.e., among applicants and participants, gender and career stage).

Please download and use the template.

What to include in your proposal?

  • Information on the applicants
  • Workshop title and acronym
  • Brief summary and extended workshop description; include a suggested schedule
  • Objectives
  • Deliverables
  • Data management plan
  • Budget
  • Integration of the PostDoc; please also indicate if a coordinated postdoc application has been submitted
  • List of up to 10 workshop participants; include a confirmatory statement
  • Please also see the template for specific information

Evaluation of the proposals

Our scientific advisory board will evaluate all proposals on following criteria

(1) Quality of the proposal

(2) Potential to develop Paleontology as a discipline

(3) Potential for high-impact publications or prospect to evolve to a larger project

(4) Gender balance


Financial support – Full reimbursement of travel and lodging which includes workshop applicants and participants.
Scientific support – As mentioned above, you may suggest a postdoc which will be employed within the PaleoSynthesis project and who will coordinate your workshop. If you do not intend to have your own PostDoc funded through the project, then the corresponding PaleoSynthesis PostDoc will assist you.
Submit your proposal and for further information: (Barbara Seuss)