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PaleoG – BigQuestions Germany

PS workshopThe future of paleontology in Germany – its role in Earth System Sciences

(Although) Facing multiple global crises such as global warming and extinction … geological sciences including paleontology, have been barely visible in ESS … (but) Paleontology with its strong ties to both, life- and geosciences, is thus a key science in ESS.

an initiative by Prof. Dr Alexander Nützel (LMU, BSPG), Dr Vanessa Roden (NAWAREUM), Prof. Dr Hans Kerp (Univ. Münster), Prof. Dr Bettina Reichenbacher (LMU, BSPG)


Vanessa roden



  • Improve the significance of paleontological research and make it more transdisciplinary.
  • Identification of future research areas with the aim to look for collaborative research projects.
  • The role of our professional society PalGes for the strategic positioning of Paleontology needs to be defined.
  • Focus on more fairness in our scientific community and an enhanced public outreach.


kick-off workshop will take place on June 30 and July 1, 2023.