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Press releases, PR, etc.

Here you can find press and PR releases on Paleosynthesis as well as a brochure and a poster summarizing the information on the project.

The downloads (pdfs) are available for use, but please acknowledge the copyrights.

Leaflet & Poster






Paleosynthesis Newsletters (in English)


Releases 2020

  • Newsletter PalGes July (German) (Paleosynthesis update)
  • Volkswagen Foundation News August (German) (English) (IPPC – Climate Crisis)
  • IDW press release on the 3rd ORC, October (English)
  • FAU press release (October; Teichert et al. “Crustose corralline algae”) (German)
  • FAU press release (October; Kiessling – ecosystems) (German) (English)
  • GMIT December (German)

Releases 2019

  • Newsletter PalGes March(German)
  • FAU News August (German) (English)
  • Newsletter PalGes September (English) (nomination of candidates)
  • Newsletter PalGes November (English) (list of candidates)
  • GMIT December (German) (brief intro to Paleosynthesis)
  • Newsletter PalGes December (English) (election reminder)