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Project Publications

fossilbrush: An R package for automated detection and resolution of anomalies in palaeontological occurrence data (publication from the Open Research Challenge), J.T. Flannery-Sutherland, N. B. Raja, A. Kocsis, W. Kiessling, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 2022

What is Conservation Paleobiology? Tracking 20 years of research and development”, Erin M. Dillon et al. (3 master’s and 2 PhD students from the FAU included), Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution (invited contribution (extended to JAS) for Research Topic: Integrating Conservation Biology and Paleobiology to Manage Biodiversity and Ecosystems in a Changing World), 2022 

Assessing the utility of death assemblages as reference conditions in a common benthic index (M-AMBI) with simulations”, Jansen A. Smith, Matthew J. Pruden,  John C. Handley, Stephen R. Durham, Gregory P. Dietl, Accepted for publication in Geological Society of London Special Publication: Conservation paleobiology of marine ecosystems: concepts and applications, Preprint available at: 

The Impact of Field Courses on Undergraduate Knowledge, Affect, Behavior, and Skills: A Scoping Review”, Xoco A Shinbrot, Kira Treibergs, Lina M Arcila Hernández, David Esparza, Kate Ghezzi-Kopel, Marc Goebel, Olivia J Graham, Ashley B Heim, Jansen A Smith, Michelle K Smith, BioScience:


A unifying framework for the measurement of ecological and environmental novelty” Output from PaleoNovelty; “Supported” workshop but unfunded), Timothy L Staples, Jessica Blois, Katie L Cramer, Emer T Cunningham, Maria Dornelas, Simon G Haberle, Tina Heger, Wolfgang Kiessling, Anne E Magurran, Aaron O’Dea, Amelia M Penny, Volker C Radeloff, Jansen A Smith, Wilfried Thuiller, John W Williams, John M Pandolfi; working on a revision

BioDeepTime: a database of biodiversity time series for modern and fossil assemblages” Jansen A. Smith & BioDeepTime; Submitted to Global Ecology and Biogeography

Related to DDCP

(PI’s *N.B. Raja-Schoob and Emma Dunne)

Fossil Trafficking, Fraud, and FakeryNB Raja, EM Dunne, Art Crime in Context pp 61-79

Digging deeper into colonial palaeontological practices in modern day Mexico and BrazilJC Cisneros, NB Raja*, AM Ghilardi, EM Dunne et al., Royal Society Open Science 9 (3). 210898; 2022/3/2

Colonial history and global economics distort our understanding of deep-time biodiversityNB Raja*, EM Dunne, A Matiwane, et. al., Nature Ecology & Evolution; 2022/2

The moral and legal imperative to return illegally exported fossilsJC Cisneros, AM Ghilardi, NB Raja*, PP Stewens, Nature Ecology & Evolution; 2022/1

Ethics, law, and politics in palaeontological research: The case of Myanmar amberE Dunne, NB Raja*, P Stewens, ZMM Thein, OSF Preprints; 2012/12

Publication pressure threatens the integrity of palaeontological researchNB Raja*, E Dunne, EarthArxiv; 2021/6/1

Minority Language Speakers in PalaeontologyNB Raja*, E Dunne OSF Preprints; 2021