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Synthesis Workshops

Create impact for your science ideasPS workshop

with a Paleosynthesis Workshop

  • Interdisciplinary workshops are among the best measures to develop a scientific theme.
  • We offer fully funded (i.e., travel & accommodation) workshops for up to 14 peers across the globe.
  • If you have an idea for a paleontology workshop, please apply! 

Next call will be in April 2024

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Current workshops

Biotic Interactions in Deep Time

“Biotic interaction plays an important role in the evolution of groups through time.” 

Aleksandra Skawina (University of Warsaw, Poland) and Devapriya Chattopadhyay (IISER, Pune, India); fully funded

IRAL_workshop-icon_RZ_cmykIntegrated Record of Ancient Life

Big Data framework for the next generation of data infrastructure in paleontological research……”Compilations of fossil data are fundamental to modern paleontology”

Emma Dunne* and Adam Kocsis, FAU, fully funded; *ED applied while in Birmingham

Trilobite Biogeography and Ecology

TRiBE….”The geographic distribution of animals impacts a range of macroevolutionary trends” 

Harriet B. Drage (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) and Stephen Pates, (University of Cambridge, UK); fully funded

Mesophotic and turbid Reefs as Key ecosystems for the future?

Coral reefs are the most biodiverse marine ecosystem on Earth todaythreatened by human activities and associated climate change.” 

Nadia Santodomingo (University of Oxford, UK) and Lewis A. Jones (Universidade de Vigo, Spain); fully funded

Fossil, Dates and Tectonic Plates

The Cambrian Explosion coincides with the amalgamation of Gondwana… explore evolutionary dynamics during the rise of complex animal life

Marissa Betts (University of New England, Australia) and Sabin Zahirovic (University of Sydney, Australia); partly funded

Past workshops


“In a rapidly changing world, there is an urgent need to understand how communities respond to environmental perturbations of varying magnitudes and rates.” 

Pincelli Hull (Yale, USA), Marina Costa Rillo (Univ. Oldenburg), Seth Finnegan (UC Berkeley, USA); fully funded

Diversity Dynamics and Crisis in Paleontology

The workshop is based on the idea that Palaeontology is unique among scientific disciplines in that it thrives on the exchange of information across diverse communities, both academic and non-academic.

Nussaibah Raja-Schoob (FAU, Germany) and Emma Dunne (Univ. Birmingham, UK; now FAU); funding support


Our proposed working group will advance core goals of conservation paleobiology … Paleontological research will be critical to understand the extent and drivers of eco-logical novelty, placing modern patterns in a deep-time context.

Tim Staples and John Pandolfi, University of Queensland; implemented into PaleoSynthesis

Big Questions


Big Questions International – Monitored by previous post doc Jansen A. Smith – continued by Elizabeth Dowding

 learn more about this project!

PaleoG – Big Questions Germany

“…geological sciences including paleontology, have been barely visible in ESS … (but) Paleontology with its strong ties to both, life- and geosciences, is thus a key science in ESS

Alexander Nützel (LMU, BSPG), Vanessa Roden (NAWAREUM), Hans Kerp (Univ. Münster), Bettina Reichenbacher (LMU, BSPG)